Saturday, February 28, 2009


Dear shoppers! Please been inform that Secretly Lovely email address have been changed to

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenient causes!!!!!


Lovely Secretary

Fits UK size 6-10
Price: RM55
*Inclusive of belt!*
Colours: White(SOLD), Grey
Purple-(Black tube with purple bottom)


Fits UK size 6-10
Price: RM55
Material: Quality Cotton
Colours: Red(Sold), Pink
(Sold), Black(Sold), Yellow(Sold)

Sexy Geometric

Fits UK size 6-10
Price: RM45
Colours: Red, Green, Purple, Yellow
Status: Yellow
(SOLD), Others(Available)

Love Heart

Fits UK size 6-10
Price: RM45
Colours: Black(with white ribbon)
White(with black ribbon)

Ruffles 2-Tones Shirt

Fits UK size 6-8
Price: RM39
Colours: White(Sold), Pink
(Sold), Black(Sold)

2 Tones Halter

Fits UK size 6-8
Price: RM40
Colours: White, Green, Black, Yellow, Red
Status: Black
(SOLD), Red(SOLD), Others(Available)

P/S: Sorry babes! I was not able to model every colour for this design due to time constrain!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Great news dearies!
Item restocked in
Casual Jumpsuit & Candy-licious in Black!
Both items are selling out fast!
Grab them now before you miss the chance again ^^*

Meanwhile, we will be getting ready for the next updates!
More precious pieces with lovely designs are coming up.
However, if you have any special request. Do not feel hesitate to email us your opinion! We will do our best to bring the best designs for you!

Stay tunes!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunset Dress

Fits UK size 6-12
Price: RM55
Status: SOLD OUT

L.O.V.E T-Shirt

Fits UK size 6-12
Price: RM25
Material: Quality cotton
Status: SOLD OUT

Classic Butterfly

Fits UK size 6-12
Price: RM50
Colours: Beige(SOLD OUT), Dark Brown(SOLD OUT)

Casual Jumpsuit

Fits UK size 6-12

Price: RM65
*Straps adjustable*
Length: 68cm from shoulder
Material: Superb quality cotton
Colours: Black & White stripe
Black & Pink stripe(Sold)


Fits UK size 6-10
Price: RM50
*With two cute pockets!*
Colours: Yellow
Status: SOLD OUT

Mail us for Restocking!
We will try our best to get more stock for you loveliness!
Note that item is only restockable in Yellow, Black and Blue =)